New Site: Junkyard Clubhouse

Junkyard Clubhouse
Junkyard Clubhouse

Because I didn’t have enough websites: Junkyard Clubhouse! I’ve created this new site with my better half Hanford Lemoore (this is the first time we’ve done a site together, so it’s kind of neat). We both found ourselves wanting to post about weird random stuff — and shoehorning off-topic stuff into our tiki & tech blogs would be bad. So we whipped up this goofy little playground, where we can dump all the little extra bits that are cluttering up our brains, letting us stay nice & focused when we’re posting on our more respectable blogs. Who knows, maybe there’s even an audience for our brain leftovers.

Nixie tubes
Nixie tubes

Hanford’s at the Game Developers Conference all this week (I’m sticking to the GDC parties, just like last year), so he won’t be posting as much at first — but he’s already got a great post up about nixie tubes.

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