The Islands Restaurant Gutting Results

The new Islands Restaurant, photo by bamalamalu
The new Islands Restaurant, photo by bamalamalu

Not that anyone’s hopes were high, but it’s still crushing to see… above is a photo of the newly renovated Islands Restaurant in San Diego, taken by bamalamalu and posted to Tiki Central yesterday. Blech! It doesn’t even look like a restaurant any more, it looks like a hospital waiting room.

9 thoughts on “The Islands Restaurant Gutting Results

  1. Holy crap! What a boring looking place. It now looks like every other hotel restaurant. Thank god I was able to go there once before they ruined it.


  2. ” it looks like a hospital waiting room.”
    OUCH, that hurts! Possibly the menu, taste and service to match? Don’t forget to wear you paper nightgown! Flip-flOp-fLipPp…


  3. Horrible! My husband and I were there a month before they gutted it. He took some super cool 3D pics of it… Sadly the pics are all we have left. I’m glad we got to eat there a few times…once at the Tiki Oasis and once on our honeymoon…RIP Islands…

    This is really sad for the next Oasis for sure! :


  4. i went to check it out and it’s pretty wrecked. and the peacock cafe upstairs, where the great noir writer Jim Thompson used to like to dine & drink back in the 50s has been closed & gutted. I don’t know if it’s too late but i recommend you folks go to the Bali Hai instead.


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