Fertility Tiki Strikes in San Diego

JP St Pierre's Fertility Tiki
JP St Pierre’s Fertility Tiki

JP St Pierre says:

I’ve got a decent tiki collection but there seems to be something special about this one!

It seems his lil’ lady handled his … erm … fertility tiki, and now finds herself in an ‘ohana way. The little surfer is due to arrive in September.

Congratulations, JP — That’s one potent tiki you’ve got there! But which of these two tikis was the culprit? You wouldn’t want him sneaking up on just anyone.

UPDATE: JP reports that the tiki on the left is the one with the serious fertility mojo — and that this is the FOURTH time that a woman has touched it and then gotten pregnant. Whoa nelly!

The results of JP's Fertility Tiki
The results of JP’s Fertility Tiki

6 thoughts on “Fertility Tiki Strikes in San Diego

  1. Heh, I’m stoked to make your blog. The tiki on the left with the um…boobs is the culprit. 4 couples and counting. Anyone out there trying want to come over and handle it?

    We just found out we are having a boy. Do you think the other school kids will beat him up if I name him Tiki or Fez or something like that?

    aloha tiki peeps!



  2. Four couples?! That’s downright dangerous.

    The name Tiki seems to work just fine for Tiki Barber, the NY Giants football star… but I know a few tiki lovers who might like to give him a piece of their mind — he makes it awfully hard to search for tiki stuff!


  3. I’ll keep my wife away from that one for awhile. At least until after this summer. Congrats to you two. You might think about hiring out the powerful fertility tiki in exchange for diaper $.


  4. Yeah, isn’t that cat freaky? There haven’t been nearly as many pictures of him/her/it recently, it used to be that that cat was about all you’d get when you searched on tiki in Flickr.


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