The Coconut Monkey Project

Momma Monkey, by Atomikitty
Momma Monkey, by Atomikitty

Susannah Mosher, a.k.a. Atomikitty, has started a coconut monkey refuge:

Captured and brought to the states as souvenirs of exotic tropical vacations, or with servicemen after their tours of duty in the pacific, these coconut monkeys took up residence in american homes and became an icon of the tiki and cocktail culture of the 50’s and 60’s.

As rumpus rooms and home tiki bars fell out of fashion, so too did the coconut monkey. For decades they have been discarded by their owners, stranded on garage sale and flea market blankets, and forgotten in dusty attics as their coconut husks fray.

Over the past 10 years I have made it my personal mission to seek out these weary travelers and to open my home as a sanctuary for them. Here they are restored to a place of honor among the bamboo, tiki mugs, and exotic rum bottles to be enjoyed and appreciated by all.

Portrait and subject
Portrait and subject

A saintly effort, and worthy of support. How can you help the Coconut Monkey Project? You can buy Atomikitty’s fabulous coconut monkey portraits — each print that is purchased can support up to five coconut monkeys for a year! You can also commision your own coconut monkey portrait, for that special coconut monkey in your life.

Of course, if you know of a coconut monkey in need of a home, you can send it to Atomikitty’s refuge, and rest well in the knowledge that it is leading a better life. If you have any doubts about Atomikitty’s sincerity, and her ability to provide a good tiki environment for these monkeys, know this: aside from being a stellar artist, she is a spiffy tiki bartender, and has served time behind the bar at both the Lucky Tiki and now the Tonga Hut in Los Angeles.

If you’d like to purchase one of Atomikitty’s truly lovely varnished and bamboo-framed coconut monkey prints, they’re available for sale at If you’d like to keep up with the latest goings-on with the Coconut Monkey Project, check out the official MySpace and blog.

4 thoughts on “The Coconut Monkey Project

  1. Coconut monkeys are cool. It’s one of the things I really remember about my first visit to Hawaii as a kid.

    Neat blog you’ve got here.



  2. Wow Humu!
    Mucho MAHALO for the props! šŸ™‚
    Look for new monkeys soon, as well as an upcoming little tidbit in Tiki Magazine!
    We miss you! Come visit soon-I’ll save a seat at the bar.


  3. I too have a love of coconut monkeys and have a growing collection. I would like to develop my own coconut monkey site and would like to provide links to your site. I would like to purchase any prints that you may have as I did not see them at Please contact me as to any collabritive work or any information to acquire any additional monkeys. Thank you and keep up the good work!!


  4. I have so many of these coconut monkeys around my house its unbelievable!
    You don’t have to take exotic vacations, you can just purchase them from


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