Two-Eared Bandit

Aku Aku slot machine, from the collection of AkuAku
Aku Aku slot machine, from the collection of AkuAku

This slot machine was posted today on Tiki Central. It came from the Aku Aku restaurant that was part of the recently-demolished Stardust Casino (Aku Aku closed many years earlier, in 1980). It’s a little hard to tell, especially with this paint job, but this slot machine is in the shape of a moai. You pull one of the ears to play, and there’s a stern little mouth above the payout dish — too bad it doesn’t pay through the nose (har, har!).

The poster, appropriately named AkuAku, is looking for more information about this slot machine — especially its original paint job, so that it can be restored. He said this was likely placed within the Aku Aku restaurant, and sat on a stand of some sort. Loose Change Magazine apparently called it “the World’s ugliest slot machine,” and I won’t argue that — it’s definitely not a looker. But beauty isn’t everything, and this sucker is cool — I haven’t been so tickled to see an Aku Aku souvenir since I saw that extra-fancy moist towelette. Mr. Bali Hai is on the hunt to help AkuAku learn more; hopefully we’ll get to see pictures of this in restored condition someday.

One thought on “Two-Eared Bandit

  1. I saw this article while searching the web for information about the Aku Aku slot machine. Last year two of these machines were found in Las Vegas. They were found in a private storage among other slots of a retired slot mechanic. I have since restored both oh them. They now look like they did many years ago when they were in the Stardust. I can not find any original pictures of this slot anywhere
    on the web. I believe I have the only two complete machines looking as they did when in the Stardust. If you would like some pictures of these rare machines please contact me.

    Thanks, Sam Henka


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