Yummy Tiki Plates

Tiki-Kate's Tiki Plate
Tiki-Kate’s Tiki Plate

Tiki-Kate posted these two plates on Tiki Central. They’re both marked Syracuse China (which was in Syracuse, New York, per khan_tiki_mon), but don’t have specific restaurant markings. Bosko has pointed out that it would be strange for a restaurant to create such elaborate designs for their plates and not include the name of the restaurant, and Sven Kirsten doesn’t recognize the graphics as being iconic of a particular restaurant. That points to these plates having been created for more generic use, either for sale to Polynesian restaurants, or for home use. Another possibility is that these were created as samples, but not produced on a large scale.

Whatever the back story, I think they’re gorgeous, especially this first one. Tiki mugs may be more elaborate, but the simple elegance of serveware produces some restrained but compelling designs. Food served on a plate like that must be instantly more delicious!

On a related note, I recently learned that El Polinesio in Havana, which started its life as a Trader Vic’s before the Cuban revolution booted Vic’s out and the government took over the restaurant, is nevertheless still using plates with a big ol’ Trader Vic’s logo — almost 50 years later!

Tiki-Kate's Other Tiki Plate
Tiki-Kate’s Other Tiki Plate

One thought on “Yummy Tiki Plates

  1. I believe the plate with the fish floats and masks was produced for the general public and not for any specific restaurant. I have a cup and saucer with the same design but a friend of mine has a complete table setting for six… another one that got away!


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