San Diego: Tiki Oasis 8

Tiki Oasis 8
Tiki Oasis 8

Robert Drasnin! Waitiki! I’m there!

Taking place once again at the former Hanalei Hotel (now the snoozetastically-named Crowne Plaza), with a special Thursday night meet-and-greet at the Bali Hai. There’s also burlesque & musicians & vendors & all the usual trappings, but of course it’s really all about the room parties. Though I am hoping I can manage to not be too hungover for the seminars…

August 14-17, San Diego… way too many details to go into here… just go over to the Tiki Oasis website & buy your tickets already!

One thought on “San Diego: Tiki Oasis 8

  1. Aloha and SOS! New to LA Area, looking to share a ride to TikiOasis for the day on Sunday. I am in Hollywood area but could meet you in the LA and or the Valley for the hook-up as well. (your auto), share cost of gas, and i can provide snacks for the road trip!



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