Hollywood Home Tiki Bar For Sale: Only $7.5 Million

Tiki bar at the Wolf's Lair in Hollywood
Tiki bar at the Wolf’s Lair in Hollywood
Hollywood! Dah dah dah dah!
Hollywood! Dah dah dah dah!

Mentally cue up Robin Leach for this one: (Is he dead? I forget.) Nestled here on 3.3 acres of land overlooking Hollywood, a mansion fit for a Kamehameha… The Wolf’s Lair, built for and by L. Milton Wolf, one of the original developers of Hollywoodland. Former occupants include Debbie Reynolds, Efram Zimbalist Jr., Marlon Brando, and The Beatles.

The house has secret tunnels, and a whole turret was dedicated to the housing of a pet gibbon. A monkey! In a turret! How can anyone hate Hollywood when they’re keeping monkeys in turrets? I mean… they’re just living the dream. You can’t hold it against them.

Anyway… back to this tiki bar. Okay, it’s not really a tiki bar, there aren’t any tikis. But it’s gorgeous. It’s stripped a little bare at the moment, but can you imagine this space with low light and fllotsam & jetsam everywhere? And a drink in your hand?

Does anyone we know have $7.5 million? What would the down payment be, d’you suppose? Maybe if we all throw in together and start a commune?

9 thoughts on “Hollywood Home Tiki Bar For Sale: Only $7.5 Million

  1. When I read the headline I thought “7.5 million for a tiki bar – my, that’s expensive!” but then I read the story and found out it’s for the whole house and property – much more reasonable.


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