Stuck at Home for Tiki Oasis?

Sad Tiki, by Eric Eggie Faust
Sad Tiki, by Eric Eggie Faust

If you’re like me, you’re feeling blue right now—missing out on THE west coast tiki gathering of the year, Tiki Oasis in San Diego. This year’s a biggie, too… the ten year anniversary, and Otto’s pulling out all the stops. Here in San Francisco it’s starting to feel like some kind of tiki rapture, and I’m the sad sack left behind. It’s a shame to be missing it, but sometimes you just can’t have it all.

So! What will you be doing while everyone else is having the time of their lives next week at Tiki Oasis? Hosting a Tiki N’Oasis for a few scraps of friends? Is your local tiki bar having a Tiki Fauxasis? Are you just going to sit at home with a Mai Tai in your hand and look at your lauhala matted walls, wondering what could have been?

Misery loves company, so if you know of a gathering happening near you, let me know. I’ll do a follow-up post to get the word out. Maybe we can each find our own oasis in the desert of No Tiki Oasis.

If you’re trying to get yourself into the rather sold-out Tiki Oasis and you’re late to the planning game, I have a friend with Tiki Oasis tickets and a room at the main hotel, and she can’t use them. Shoot me an email at and I’ll get you in touch with her. There still may be hope for you!

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