Dig This Nutty Rattan Egg Chair

eggChairIt’s not really a classic egg shape, is it? It’s a bit grander in scope, perhaps it’s more of a Banana Chair. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. This was a gift from a dear friend, comics genius Ted Naifeh. Ted’s parents bought the chair in the ’70s; he grew up sitting in it, and it came with him when he moved out of the house. Though it’s been a big part of his life, and he’s grown up to be a bit of a tikiphile himself, he just didn’t have a place for it anymore. He wanted it to have a good home, and it is my great fortune that he thought of me. It now holds court in my home tiki bar (under construction, please pardon the temporary white walls), along with its matching end table. I told Ted he gets dibs on it, so if you’re ever at my house and a handsome chap asks you to please get out of his chair, make way for the man.

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