Polynesian Fabric Designs by Sophista-tiki

Marquesan Delight, by Sophista-tiki
Marquesan Delight, by Sophista-tiki

Seattle-based artist Dawn Frasier, a.k.a. Sophista-tiki, has designed some lush Polynesian-inspired fabrics, available for purchase through Spoonflower. There are currently seven designs available, and more designs are under consideration for the future. Her style reminds me of the beautiful watercolor backgrounds created for Lilo & Stitch.

Spoonflower provides the fabrics in a number of different weight Exercises and sizes, and sample swatches can be had for $5.

3 thoughts on “Polynesian Fabric Designs by Sophista-tiki

  1. FANTASTIC, not only are Sophista-tiki’s designs the coolest but are part of the coolest tool for custom fabric making (I’ve encountered many high quality companies doing this, e.g. http://www.dpi-sf.com/) but the existing designs are so amazing. I got lost looking at all of Sophista-tiki’s stuff along with Mike Uhlenkott’s designs. Thanks for the posting.


  2. Bula Bula,
    Thanks for posting this, Once in a while I come across it while doing web searches. Not sure why its taken me so long to say thank you. doh!
    At any rate you might like to know that there are nearly 200 of my fabrics to choose from now at Spoonflower, Designing them has been so much fun. Then to see the yardage turn into a great outfit is the ultimate reward. Dawn


  3. Hi!

    I like to know how much per a yard, and also how can i place an order..and i also like this fabric. Thank You


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