Aloha Oe, Tiki-Kate

I lost my Ooga-Mooga better half today. Tiki-Kate passed away around noon. I got to see her, hold her, tell her I love her this past Saturday. I have much to say about Kate, but right this moment, I’m too wrecked. But I am going to put on my brightest aloha wear, because she told me that’s what she wanted.

Mahalo nui loa for everything, my darling Kate.

6 thoughts on “Aloha Oe, Tiki-Kate

  1. Dangnabbit. And I was so sure she was going to beat this. I will wear my aloha proudly in her honor. She will so be missee.



  2. Kathy was my supervisor when she worked at cardinal health….she was the best supervisor i had ever had. she believed in me,and gave me many opportunities to grow within cardinal health…..she showed me her obsession with her tiki collection,proudly displayed in her office. i will miss her. i was one of those who was truly blessed to know her…i will miss you tiki kate!!!!!


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