The Golden Tiki in Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas has a new Tiki bar, and it’s a doozy. Located in Chinatown, The Golden Tiki is owned by Branden Powers, no newcomer to Tiki—he used to DJ Exotica tunes at the Hanalei Hotel back in the ’90s. He’s also no newcomer to the bar business, having been a part of the nightlife scene in Las Vegas for some time now. For the buildout, he turned to Danny “Tiki Diablo” Gallardo, and it shows, the look of the place is a knockout. Branden has turned to the Tiki community through the building process to seek feedback, he genuinely wants to make a place the Tiki scene will love. The Golden Tiki had its soft opening back in July, but tonight is the Grand Opening event. Help your fellow tikiphiles know what to expect at The Golden Tiki: share your pictures, ratings and story at the Critiki entry for The Golden Tiki!

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