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I often have news to report about tiki locations, and that news doesn’t fit well into the model of Critiki’s location listings. For instance, there’s been a slow but steady trickle of information about the tiki bar at the soon-to-reopen Clifton’s Cafeteria in downtown L.A. for FIVE YEARS now, but no actual place people can go. If I’d created a Critiki listing for it five years ago, it would just have been sitting there all this time, like tiki vaporware. Also, I like to give new locations a little time to find their sea legs before I create a listing and the ratings start rolling in, but of course you want to hear about it when a new place is coming to your neck of the woods. And when time-sensitive information breaks, like when Don the Beachcomber was recently threatened (again) by potential condominiums, a Critiki listing isn’t a good place to disseminate the rapid developments to the Tiki community.

So, I realized that the natural answer was to create a News division of Critiki. And that’s just what I’ve done! You’ll find it at news.critiki.com. Mobile friendly, nice big beefy images, and a bit more room to expand on what’s going on day-to-day with these places we love.

I’ll be doing some tighter integration between the main Critiki site and Critiki News, which should make it easy to see what’s been shaking for a particular spot, right on its Critiki listing.

I also realized that this is an appropriate evolution for my existing (but long neglected) website, Humu Kon Tiki. I’ve moved all of the old Humu Kon Tiki posts over to the new Critiki News site. The posts going forward will be much more location-centric, but there will probably be some appearance of Tiki Lifestyle articles as well. In particular, it will be a great place to delve deeper into the How-Tos of creating and running a tiki bar, whether it’s at home or open to the public.

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