Wrapped Sugar Cubes from 1960s Polynesian Restaurants

Wrapped sugar cube from Trader Vic's in Oakland
Wrapped sugar cube from Trader Vic’s in Oakland

Can’t hold back: these are SUPER SWEET! An unusual collectible item, aren’t we lucky someone held on to these? They are sugar cubes, wrapped with paper printed especially for the restaurant. The Trader Vic’s cube is labelled for use at both the Oakland and San Francisco locations, but this particular cube was picked up in Oakland.

Wrapped sugar cube from Tiburon Tommie’s, circa 1964

The Tiburon Tommie’s cube comes from just on the north side of the San Francisco Bay, and was picked up some time around 1964. These cubes were created by Spreckel’s Sugar, one of the old money companies that were part of the landscape of Northern California in the last century. Both of these cubes come from the collection of Metch—thank you so much for sharing them!

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