New Bar at Hôtel-Motel Coconut in Quebec

Volcano, a new bar at Hôtel-Motel Coconut
Volcano, a new bar at Hôtel-Motel Coconut

Hôtel-Motel Coconut in Trois-Rivières, Quebec gets some rave ratings on Critiki, notably a 9.2 for Decor. It’s the real deal: it’s still operated by the same family that opened the hotel in 1958 (the Polynesian theme was added five years later after a life-changing trip to Tahiti). The ratings are so high, they could be a contender for one of the best tiki bars in the world… but they’re tanked for having dismal music: 4.9. The good news: they’re playing theme-appropriate music now! The less good news: they’re not playing it in their fantastically decorated Coconut Bar, but instead in a new lounge called Volcano. Volcano is right next to Coconut Bar but is more lightly themed. All the same, Hôtel-Motel Coconut remains high on my wish list of places I’d like to see someday. Maybe I’ll bring headphones to play my own Exotica soundtrack and drown out the Top 40 hits. Mahalo to Critiki member StillShelby for the report, and for sharing seven new photos! You’ll see them all in the Critiki listing for Hôtel-Motel Coconut.

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