New Tiki Bar Coming to San Francisco from Bourbon & Branch Group

Future Bars, the bar group responsible for Bourbon & Branch and a number of other highly successful craft cocktail bars in the San Francisco Bay Area, is working on a tiki bar. The effort on this project has been burbling up around the city for months now… word of a few artifacts purchased here, working on tiki drinks there… but now that word is surfacing online, I’ll tell you what I know (which is pretty limited). This new tiki project is slated for a space adjacent to the existing bar Rickhouse that is owned by the same group, smack dab in the Financial District. Per Hoodline, they’re still figuring out how they want to swing this—if it’ll be its own freestanding effort, or be a sub-section of Rickhouse. I’ve talked a bit with some of the folks who are working on this project, just very casual conversations, and I can tell you they’re passionate, fun people. The runaway success of Smuggler’s Cove has created a population of drinkers in San Francisco with very high tiki expectations, not just of the drinks, but of the decor. Tonga Room will also invite comparisons on the decor front. It will be interesting to see how this new tiki bar will be executed—will this new effort deliver? Or will they softball it and go tiki-lite? Even though work has been underway on this for many moons now, don’t expect to be able to visit this new tiki bar for quite a while.

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