Tiki Stop-Motion Animation: The WitchDoctor

Set for The WitchDoctor
Set for The WitchDoctor

This is a Kickstarter project you’ll want to take a look at: The WitchDoctor. I’ll make this quick, because you need to mosey over to Kickstarter and get to work. We want this one to happen, guys. It’s stop-motion animated short in a tiki wonderland! I’ve listed my religion on Facebook as “Rankin/Bass” so there’s no mistake that this is right up my alley, but I bet you’ll be into it, too.

They know what they’re doing, they’re not rookies, they do great work, the Screen Novelties studio has a solid track record in stop-motion animation. This is low-risk, we just have to throw a little money at them and we get to have this thing!

These guys genuinely know and love tiki, too. Don’t listen to me, just go watch their Kickstarter video already.

The rewards are pretty fun: tiki mugs, ViewMaster reels, a shrunken head kit! Come on, let’s do this. At this writing, they’ve raised $32,613 of their $60,000 goal, and they have until Tuesday, December 15 to do it.

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