Tiki Mug Menorah: a How-To from Poly Hai

Tiki mug menorah diagram, by Poly Hai
Tiki mug menorah diagram, by Poly Hai

Two years ago, Poly Hai shared this wonderful shop class how-to for creating your very own tiki menorah, using tiki mugs from your collection. There is also a photo album, with clear pictures for each step. Hanukkah starts this Sunday at sundown… you have this weekend to get it built!

Tiki Mug Menorah, by Poly Hai
Tiki Mug Menorah, by Poly Hai

If you aren’t already familiar with Poly Hai: it’s a virtual high school, providing tiki education through classes that take place mainly via Facebook. It’s a great follow! Every year they also put out a real-world annual you can purchase. Poly Hai is a lot of fun for the cheeky tikiphile.

A page from Tiki tOny's tiki holiday coloring book
A page from Tiki tOny’s tiki holiday coloring book

Love the idea, but don’t have it in you to build one? Maybe… coloring is more your speed these days? Tiki tOny has you covered. He’s included the Poly Hai tiki mug menorah as one of twenty holiday tiki scenes in his new coloring book. He’ll have it available for sale at a few Southern California craft events this month, or available for download next week: stay tuned to Tiki tOny’s Instagram for more details.


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