Hundreds of New Pictures of the Bishop Museum in Hawai’i

Critiki member Robin added three gorgeous photos of tikis at the Bishop Museum in Hawai’i, and that was in my queue to tell you about with a Critiki News article… and then Critiki member codman went and added ANOTHER 306 PICTURES. Wow! Robin’s are beauty shots, codman’s are an exhaustive documentation of the breadth of exhibits on display at the Bishop Museum. Together, along with previous contributions from other Critiki members, they sure make the Critiki listing for the Bishop Museum beefy and delicious.

A fun side-effect of codman’s giant cache of photos: that was tooooo many thumbnails for the page to load, especially on a mobile device. So it spurred me to make a big improvement to how the page loads: it won’t download a thumbnail image until it’s actually time to display it on your screen. You won’t really notice, except for that now the page (and every other location page) loads WAY WAY WAY faster. Zippy!

Speaking of zippy, improved Critiki experiences: I’m taking codman’s photo-uploading marathon as verification that the new Critiki’s picture upload is easier than ever before. If you haven’t tried the new Add Pictures feature, and you’ve got pics of tiki spots from your travels or your collections, take it for a spin! Every location has a link to add your own pictures.

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