Archipelago, a New Tiki Bar in Washington, D.C.


Our nation’s capital has had doses of great tiki over the decades… the old Trader Vic’s there was a major hangout for politicians for many years (Richard Nixon reportedly liked Navy Grogs), Politiki was carving out a place for tiki during the ’90s, when no one else was doing it, and the legendary Honolulu Restaurant held on until closing back in 2004 (has it been that long already?). But for many years now, it’s been underserved on the tiki front: a craft cocktail tiki night here, a Chinese restaurant serving a few scorpion bowls there, but no real tiki experiences to speak of.

That looks to be changing, with the arrival of Archipelago, on U Street NW. I’ve not seen very good pictures of the place yet, so it’s hard to say how it measures up on the theming side of things, but it sounds like an attempt is being made, the drinks appear to be solid, and a swing at tiki is certainly welcome in the D.C. area.

Go get some pictures, and report back to Critiki! There is now a location listing for Archipelago.

5 thoughts on “Archipelago, a New Tiki Bar in Washington, D.C.

  1. I’m pretty excited about Archipilego*!

    A neighbor told me a month ago that a tiki bar was coming to U street, but I didn’t know it would happen this soon. We’ve got a babysitter for Sunday night and are going to try to check it out: hopefully it won’t be prohibitively crowded. I read that they don’t have all the space they intend to have open quite yet.


  2. * Most of my life I pronounced this word “arch-ih-puh-LAY-go” and only discovered about five years ago that it was pronounced “ark-uh-PELL-uh-go”. I still have to correct myself every time I see the word in print.


  3. Checked out Archipelago tonight and left a comment on Critiki, along with some pictures. Apps were tasty, but the drinks have, I am afraid to say, room to grow.


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