Portland Trader Vic’s Has Closed

The bar at Trader Vic's in Portland, by Critiki member Lucky Jackson
The bar at Trader Vic’s in Portland, by Critiki member Lucky Jackson

Terrible news: the Portland Trader Vic’s location has closed permanently. A couple weeks ago, a fire in the medical offices above Vic’s caused some minor damage to a patch of ceiling. The repairs were to be covered by insurance, but the owners of the location opted to close the operation entirely. It was a large restaurant in a very competitive area of town, and the restaurant business is a hard one in the best of circumstances. That doesn’t do much to soften the blow, though: this was a good Trader Vic’s.

No word yet on what will happen with all of the decor, but typically the decor items make their way back to Trader Vic’s headquarters (Trader Vic’s is a franchise chain, and they likely had no say in the closing of this location). The Portland location was unusually well-decorated for a new Vic’s, and it would be great if those pieces made their way into another new location somewhere.

4 thoughts on “Portland Trader Vic’s Has Closed

  1. Sucks! I hope the owners decide to re-open as a new poly-pop bar somewhere else…hopefully where the rent is more affordable, but the décor and drinks are still great.


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