Critiki is “Rainy Day Approved” by Oprah

O Magazine, June 2016
O Magazine, June 2016

Whoooooa. Some fun, out-of-the-blue news: the June 2016 of O-as-in-Oprah Magazine shines a teeny little spotlight on Critiki, as a part of a list of “40 Ways to Love Your Summer More”:



15 Rainy Day Approved

Find Your Personal Polynesian Heaven

Drinking rum and curaçao out of a mug-size Easter Island head is the reason warm weather was created, but tiki culture is becoming harder to find. Need a mai tai immediately? Visit for a map of island-inspired bars and restaurants, each graded on drink quality, atmosphere, and essential “tikiness.”

This was a complete surprise, I had no idea this was coming! Critiki is intentionally structured to not have any income whatsoever: no ads, no fees. That’s important to me, I like that money doesn’t cloud the picture when you’re using Critiki. It does mean that my budget for spreading the word about Critiki is $0, though. So I’m going to do a very Oprah thing right now and share my feeling of gratitude that the folks at O Magazine shared Critiki with their readers. I’m doubly happy that they did such a good job of describing what Critiki is all about. It was awfully kind of them.


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