Learn When Critiki Members Are Coming to Your Town

Critiki’s new Upcoming Visits feature has been a big hit. I’ve heard from many of you that you are excited about being able to use Critiki to meet up with other people who love tiki bars.

I’ve just rolled out the next step towards making that easy: you can now choose to be notified when someone is planning an upcoming visit to a tiki bar near you.

The Upcoming Visits section
The Upcoming Visits section

Go to the page for a tiki location in your neighborhood… let’s use Smuggler’s Cove as an example, it’s my local. In the Upcoming Visits section, there is a “Follow Visits” button. A simple click of this button, and now I’m added to a list of followers of visits to Smuggler’s Cove. A few days later, a Critiki member gets word she’s going to be sent to San Francisco on business. Naturally she’s planning on squeezing in a visit to Smuggler’s Cove, so she adds her upcoming visit, and voilà! I get an email telling me about it so I can come out to meet her and be the welcome wagon.

Tikiphile meetup at Smuggler's Cove, photo by Adrian Eustaquio
Tikiphile meetup at Smuggler’s Cove, photo by Adrian Eustaquio

If you haven’t already, you’ll need to confirm your email address. It’s super easy, Critiki will walk you through it, or you can just go straight to your Settings to do it.

There’s more to come… I’m working on other ways to make it easier to connect with other Critiki members for these visits. Stay tuned!

If you have feedback about how these new features are working out for you, it would help me so much to hear it! You can reach me at humuhumu@critiki.com.

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