New Locations Roundup: Missouri, Nebraska, Indiana, Netherlands, Norway, California, and more

Here’s a quick look at new location listings I’ve added to Critiki lately. Some of these are new spots, but many of them have been around for a while… I’ve got a long to-do list I’m tackling! Critiki has well over 900 locations now.

If you’ve been to these places, please add your pictures and ratings to help your fellow tikiphiles know what to expect!

Taha’a Twisted Tiki
St. Louis, MO

Laka Lono Rum Club
Omaha, NE

Royal Hawaiian
Laguna Beach, CA
(This revival, after a disastrous renovation by previous owners, is different enough from the original that I gave it its own listing.)

The Grass Skirt
San Diego, CA

The Enchanted Tiki Lounge
Conroe, TX
(This is a home tiki bar.)

Vavoom Tiki Room
The Hague, Netherlands

Noa Noa Wood Grill & Sushi Bar
Warsaw, IN

Tonga Bar
Bergen, Norway

Clifton’s Pacific Seas
Los Angeles, CA

Trader Eng’s
Atlanta, GA
(This is a historic location, from the ’60s heyday of Polynesian restaurants, long closed.)

Royal Hawaiian Apartments
Huntington Beach, CA

Hula’s Modern Tiki
Scottsdale, AZ


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