Tiki Deserts, Part 2: Critiki Members Weigh In

Last week I shared my list of the towns most in need of some good (or better, or more) tiki. You had thoughts!

Right off the bat a few folks saw the title and, before even reading the article, blurted out my own top pick: you really, really agree that Austin, Texas is ready. Which means it’s coming. It’s gotta.

No one disagreed with any of my picks, but there were some great additions:

Riverside, California

LOTS of people spoke up for Southern California’s Inland Empire region to get some more tiki. This is an excellent point: all of Southern California is waist-deep in tiki appreciation, but the people living inland are having to drive an hour or more to get to a tiki bar. This is an underserved population! There are several towns in this region that would be suitable, but Riverside in particular was nominated several times over to get a tiki bar.


North San Francisco Bay Area, California

I mentioned the need for San Jose and the rest of the South Bay area to get a good tiki bar, and several folks pointed out I neglected our sisters to the north. Shame on me! They have the same predicament. Tons of tikiphiles, all having to drive down to the City or the East Bay for their tiki. Marin/Sonoma/Napa needs a good tiki bar.


Baltimore, Maryland

There were several calls for Baltimore to get a tiki bar. I was mentally lumping Baltimore into the greater Washington, D.C. area—but you’re right, it’s got its own thing going on, and it’s ready for a tiki bar.



The tiki scene in Australia is HUGE, and while there is a smattering of tiki bars there, they need more (especially now that the LuWow outside of Melbourne has closed). Several Aussies chimed in asking for more tiki bars.



Fort Lauderdale, Orlando and Daytona Beach have some solid tiki representation. But that leaves a whole lotta state, with a WHOLE lotta tiki lovers. It’s tricky finding tiki bars in Florida, because of the proliferation of simple thatched beach huts that use the label “tiki bar”—but those are a different animal from what we’re looking for at Critiki. Tampa and Jacksonville were called out specifically.



Thank you for sharing your tiki dreams! Let’s all hope the universe is listening and your dreams come true.


4 thoughts on “Tiki Deserts, Part 2: Critiki Members Weigh In

  1. Victoria, British Columbia. It’s quite the tourist town, very British-isque, Honeymoon Capital of Canada, but no tiki bars. Mainland Vanouver is far, far away.


    1. hummm….
      Pretty sure Niagara Falls would hotly argue (and win) the debate when it comes to the title of “Honeymoon Capital of Canada”…


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