The Critiki Add-a-Thon


This coming Tuesday and Wednesday, February 14 and 15, it’s the first ever Critiki Add-a-Thon! I’m going to be adding locations to Critiki all day long during those two days. I figure while I’m at it, why not give you a way to cheer me on and encourage my progress, and do some good while we’re at it:

You can pledge to make a donation to Planned Parenthood for every location I add to Critiki during the Add-a-Thon.
Click here to learn more and make your pledge!

Critiki is a guide to tiki bars and Polynesian restaurants all over the world. Today Critiki has (… checks the database real quick …) 919 locations. But there are so many more waiting on my to-do list!

I’m doing this Critiki Add-a-Thon because I’m about to jump into a really big project in my non-tiki day job, and I’ll have an easier time focusing if I know Critiki’s coverage is in better shape. In the coming months updates to Critiki will still happen, there will continue to be articles, and I’ll keep giving my talks, but I’m going to be doing some pretty serious juggling.

How many locations will I add? I don’t know! I’ll be happy if I can get 25 locations added, and the pledge drive is capped at 50 locations. It’ll be new places, places that’ve been open for a bit but I’ve missed, lots of places overseas, and also some historically interesting but long-gone spots.

I’d like to thank all of the Critiki members who have emailed me to share locations they’ve discovered—a good chunk of the locations on the to-do list are from you. Mahalo!

Contribute to the Critiki Add-a-Thon!

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