The Critiki Add-a-Thon Starts Today

Humuhumu at Critiki's headquarters in San Francisco, Balhi Ha'i.
Humuhumu at Critiki’s headquarters in San Francisco, Balhi Ha’i.

I’m set up at Critiki’s headquarters, I’ve got coffee in my tiki mug, exotica on the hi-fi, and I’m ready to get adding! All day today and tomorrow, I’ll be adding new locations to Critiki during the Critiki Add-a-Thon. You can encourage me as I expand Critiki’s coverage by pledging a donation to Planned Parenthood for each location I add. Right now, the pledges are up to $52.50 for each location added (wow!), and some folks have also contributed flat donations. Mahalo nui loa! Let’s get started!

You can watch the new locations get added to Critiki by looking at the Latest Activity page. I’ll also be posting links to them on the Critiki Facebook page. If you have pictures, ratings or comments to add to the new locations, even better!

Click here to add your pledge to the Critiki Add-a-Thon!


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