Critiki Add-a-Thon Results

The Critiki Add-a-Thon is now complete… Critiki now has 38 more locations, and thanks to your generosity, Planned Parenthood has 2,570 more dollars!

Here is the list of locations added to Critiki during the Add-a-Thon. Naturally, if you have pictures, souvenirs, ratings, or comments to share about any of these spots, please do!

No Bones Beach Club, Portland, Oregon

An all-vegan tiki bar and restaurant, this is the sister location to the original No Bones Beach Club in Seattle.

Pu-Pu Platter’s, Mozac, France

A new tiki bar and dance club in a small town in France’s Auvergne region.

The Liars Club, Manchester, UK
The Liars Lounge, Manchester, UK

Two sister locations, both craft-cocktail centric, in northern England.

The Beachcomber, London, UK

No connection to the historic Beachcomber in Mayfair, this modern-day tiki bar in Notting Hill has an emphasis on the food and rums of the French Caribbean, especially agricole rhum.

Adventure Island Mini Golf, Birmingham, UK

A miniature golf course, with tiki theming, in central England.

Coral Reef, Millbrae, California

The Sacramento Coral Reef is fairly well known, as it lasted from 1949 until 1994, but it all began at this Millbrae location, which opened a few years earlier but closed in 1953. Bing Crosby was a regular!

Rendering of Dobbs House Luau in Memphis, from the collection of Dustycajun
Rendering of Dobbs House Luau in Memphis, from the collection of Dustycajun

The entire Dobbs House Luau chain: Atlanta, Georgia; Memphis, Tennessee; Birmingham, Alabama; Charlotte, North Carolina; Dallas, Texas; Miami, Florida; Maitland, Florida (Orlando); Lexington, Kentucky; Houston, Texas; Louisville, Kentucky

Ooh de lally, this whole collection was a doozy. Ten locations, some far better documented than others, but each with its own history. This chain sprung up across the south very quickly starting in the late 1950s. Some locations lasted longer than others, but all were elaborate, and all are now gone. A personal highlight: while trying to find the latitude and longitude of the Birmingham location, whose address was merely “Highway 78,” in Google StreetView I was able to see the remnants of the fountain that was in front of the restaurant on the otherwise now vacant lot. Bittersweet.

Jungle Outpost Gallery, Rapid City, SD, photo by kenbo-jitsu
Jungle Outpost Gallery, Rapid City, SD, photo by kenbo-jitsu

Jungle Outpost Gallery, Rapid City, South Dakota

It turns out that the largest collection of Papua New Guinea art for sale in North America is in Rapid City, South Dakota, in the gift shop of an old roadside attraction about reptiles. 2,000-3,000 pieces available! Who knew?

Lee’s Tahitian, Richland, Washington

The Tri-Cities area of Washington state is home to an incredible example of fantastic neon signage, attached to a vintage Polynesian restaurant that today survives as a karaoke bar. Who can go check to see how the insides are holding up?

The South Seas Cocktail Lounge, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

A pretty sweet little modern tiki bar is tucked away in a port town on the island of Tasmania. It’s a bit hidden, and when I say little I mean it, but it sure looks worth the trip.

High Roller Tiki Lounge, Solvang, California

This immersively Danish-themed town is also a wine town, a double-whammy of tourism. Sort This Out Cellars’ tasting room holds this tiki bar in the back, where tropical drinks are reinvented to use wine instead of rum.

Ollie Vee’s Tiki Lounge, Leighton Buzzard, UK

This multi-story vintage emporium has a rather nice tiki lounge. You can’t always get a drink there, you have to catch it when they’re holding a special event, but you can enjoy a coffee there during the store’s normal daytime operating hours. Also: there is a town in the UK called “Leighton Buzzard.”

Scorecard from Polynesian Putter in St. Pete Beach, from the collection of Dustycajun
Scorecard from Polynesian Putter in St. Pete Beach, from the collection of Dustycajun

Polynesian Putter, St. Pete Beach, Florida

This is a dying breed, the old Florida roadside attraction. Polynesian Putter is a mini golf course built in the mid-’60s, and owned by the same family since 1972. It has a giant moai, and I know how you like a good giant moai.

Waterworks, Tallahassee, Florida

This bar and restaurant has been doing retro tiki style since 2000, and it dangit, it should have been in my article about what the early modern tiki revival looked like. Nifty looking spot.

Postcard from The Castaways, Birmingham, UK, from the collection of Dustycajun
Postcard from The Castaways, Birmingham, UK, from the collection of Dustycajun

The Castaways, Birmingham, UK

This was another one that took a bit of doing to hunt down as much information as possible. This was a very short lived nightclub, it only lasted a few years, but oh it burned brightly. Fantastic theming, three floors, and all the big name acts played there: Dusty Springfield, Tom Jones, Liberace. Most of the information comes via Basil Henriques, whose band, the Waikiki Islanders, has a history all its own and deserves a Critiki News article one of these days.

Tiki Action Park, Centereach, New York

This Long Island spot isn’t just a miniature golf place, this is one of those mega places with go-karts and the whole shebang. But the miniature golf is where the tiki theming here really shines, it’s particularly well-done.

Marina Palms Apartments, Seal Beach, California

Polynesian apartment buildings were a thing in Southern California in the 1960s, but sadly they only seem to fall into further disrepair, with owners and tenants that don’t realize what they have. Marina Palms in Orange County is a little different: a few years ago, the owners started bringing tiki back in.

Kona Pali Apartments, Granada Hills, California

On the other hand, there’s this wonderful vintage 1962 apartment building in the San Fernando Valley that never really lost its tiki. So well cared for and preserved! Its identical twin, the Kona Kai Apartments in San Gabriel, were already in Critiki.

The Kanaloa chain in the UK: Cardiff, Newcastle, Portsmouth, Leeds, Croydon

The original Kanaloa in London was already in Critiki, and the defunct Glasgow location, but the chain of lovely CheekyTiki-built bars has grown over the years thanks to its inclusion in the chain of Tiger Tiger nightclub complexes.

Chow’s, Dorval, Quebec

This Chinese buffet just west of Montreal is a pretty well preserved example of a just-add-Orchids-of-Hawaii Chinese restaurant. It was kitted out in 1984 and is still in pretty good shape (though they don’t serve drinks anymore).

Château de la Lune, Terrebonne, Quebec

Another Orchids of Hawaii fantasyland, this one north of Montreal, decorated in 1981. This one looks like it might be a bit bigger, and they may still have drinks, who wants to go on a scouting mission to find out?

Moon Kim, owner of Luau Hut, with her children at the Capitol Hill location, shared by her daughter
Moon Kim, owner of Luau Hut, with her children at the Capitol Hill location, shared by her daughter

The Luau Hut chain: Silver Spring, Maryland; Washington, D.C. (Capitol Hill); Washington, D.C. (Dupont Circle)

This one, wow. Moon Kim is my new hero. This Korean-American woman owned these three locations in the 1960s, and lived a life of glamour and adventure, but also of family. (A big thank you to her daughter for sharing so much about the Luau Hut and her family at Tiki Central.) I want to be her. Her restaurants look like they were a lot of fun, for the patrons and for the family running them. I’ll try to write up something about her and her Luau Hut restaurants at some point. This woman deserves some glory.


I know what you’re thinking… you don’t understand why all these places got added but the one you’ve been waiting for didn’t. It’s probably still on my to-do list! I could do this full-time and still not keep up. There’s a lot of beautiful tiki out there.


(While I was adding all these locations, Critiki member Hang10Tiki was very busy adding his matchbook collection to Critiki. Amazing stuff! All of this has brought Critiki’s location count over 950, and the picture count is over 10,000. Whoa! You can filter the Latest Activity page to show just new locations or just new pictures, if you want. Look for the dropdown at the top right of the page.)


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  1. Just drove by the Polynesian Putter last week while I was at St. Pete beach. We did not have time to stop, but will definitely hit it up next year when we are back in Tampa. And ya, that giant Moai is wicked!


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