Video Tour of Longitude in Oakland

Longitude’s last day is Sunday, and I’ve heard cries of anguish from so many of you who live too far away to make it in time to see it in person. I realized that I can help by doing the next best thing: taking you with me, au virtuel, by filming a tour of Longitude. This was a Facebook live video filmed last night at 5pm (is this a graceful time to mention that you can like the Critiki Facebook page to see the latest news and updates?):

Longitude’s windows mean it has a different look at night, so I filmed another video at 8pm:

If a silver lining can be found in losing a tiki bar, perhaps it’s a helpful reminder to get to the places you want to see while they’re still there. Easier said than done, of course… to see everything I want to, it’d take an unlimited budget and unlimited time. But all the same… get out there if you can.


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