New Feature: “Coming Soon” Tiki Locations

Pretty ding-danged excited about this one, folks. Critiki is now including locations that have been announced, but have not yet opened. I’ve long wanted to provide this, but I wanted to make sure that the listings weren’t potentially misleading: I don’t want to accidentally give the impression that a tiki bar is already open, or let its not-open status look like a place that has gone out of business. That’s meant a bit of tinkering and rewiring under Critiki’s hood, and I’ve carved out a moment to finally do it.

You can easily tell a location is “coming soon” thanks to a spiffy banner across its main image, plus a big ol’ “Not open yet, coming soon!” note where you’d ordinarily see the hours of operation. A location that is “coming soon” will let you add photos, add comments, share your plans to make an upcoming visit, and will let you follow the location so you can be notified of those upcoming visits. You won’t be able to add your ratings or mark yourself as a regular until after the location has opened for business.

You can see new “coming soon” locations on the Latest Activity page—once they’ve opened for business, that news will also appear on the Latest Activity page. You can filter Latest Activity to show you only the activity related to Location listings by choosing that option from the dropdown at the top of the page.

A caveat about these announced-but-not-opened locations: Clifton’s Pacific Seas was announced five years before it finally opened. Other places may never actually open at all. But I won’t add an announced location until they have signed a lease for an address, that’s the point where I think it’s worth getting excited that it’s really going to happen.

Hey owners! If you’ve got a tiki bar in the works, shoot me an email at and I’ll get you into Critiki. Once your Critiki listing is created, adding some beauty shots of your new space is the best way to get folks eager to check it out.

I’ve added a few “coming soon” locations to get things started:

TikiCat, Kansas City, Missouri

Coming April 13, 2017

This is shaping up to be a full-on tiki experience, with help from some big names in tiki craftsmanship, including a buildout by Bamboo Ben and help from Martin Cate in shaping the cocktail program.


Snowbird Tiki Bar, Montreal, Quebec

Coming in late March 2017

This new tiki bar is coming to Montreal’s Little Italy neighborhood, and will include some pieces from the recently shuttered Jardin Tiki.


The Inferno Room, Indianapolis, Indiana

Coming in 2017

Longtime tikiphile and restaurateur Ed Rudisell is taking his time to do it right, and hasn’t yet announced an opening date. The project sounds promising, Rudisell clearly understands what sets a great tiki bar apart, and wants to deliver on the atmosphere and the drinks.


Jacoby’s Tiki Bar, Enmore, New South Wales, Australia

Coming June 30, 2017

This tiki bar coming to a suburb of Sydney is inspired by the tiki-loving Dr. Jacoby character from Twin Peaks. Sounds intriguing!


Tiki Grove, Gili Trawangan, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

Coming in late April 2017

Canadian couple Tommy and Catherine Milburn are working on this fascinating venture: a tiki bar in actual paradise, nestled in a coconut grove, but with decor inspired by mid-century American Polynesian Pop. It’s located inland on Gili Trawangan, a tiny island next to Bali; the island has views of two active volcanoes.


Trader Vic’s, Jumeirah Beach, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Coming in 2017

This Trader Vic’s location is coming to the Jumeirah Beach Hilton; a small Trader Vic’s Mai Tai Lounge closed in the area last year, and this may be where it’s moving to. Not much information is available yet, but UAE has a large number of Trader Vic’s locations, and those who’ve visited them report they’re wonderfully executed.


Hula Hula, Seattle, Washington

Coming in April 2017

Hula Hula operated for ten years at the base of Queen Anne Hill, but closed when its property was slated for redevelopment. The operation is currently moving to a new spot on Capitol Hill, at the former site of Clever Dunne’s, and Irish bar. It sounds like the new Hula Hula will have a renewed commitment to tiki, both in the decor and in an elevated drink program, though the nightly karaoke will continue.

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