New Feature: A Map of All the Tiki Bars You’ve Visited

On Monday, Critiki member KeithH told me that he and his partner, Liza, had been discussing how cool it would be if Critiki could show you a map of all the places you’ve been. WELL, YES! I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of it earlier. Genius! Critiki already lets you keep track of the places you’ve been, and I’ve had maps integrated into Critiki from the very early days (even pre-Google Maps! In the early 2000s Critiki had a Java-based spinny Earth globe thing with pins sticking out of it, anyone remember it?). This is a slam-dunk. I really should be focusing on some big non-tiki projects on my plate right now, but dang, I couldn’t resist. So I whipped up an upgrade to the Critiki profile page, and now you get your VERY OWN map of all the tiki locations you’ve visited.

Keith and Liza are big tiki globetrotters, making their map a perfect demonstration of this nifty new feature.


If you’ve been checking off the places you’ve been in Critiki, you’re all set, no action needed, your map is already there on your profile page. Go check it out! If you haven’t, well, this is a great time to take a moment and mark all the places you’ve been. You’ll need to create a Critiki account if you don’t already have one (it’s free). On each location’s page in Critiki, look for the “Visited?” action just under the main image. (If it just says “Visited” without the question mark, that means you’ve already checked it off.)

Mahalo nui loa to Keith and Liza! Now, back to work. Me, not you. You should go play on Critiki.

4 thoughts on “New Feature: A Map of All the Tiki Bars You’ve Visited

  1. I checked out your new feature and saw that I “WAS a semi-regular at Trader Vic’s lounge” at The Beverly Hilton. I am so bummed to learn that it is history. The Beverly Hilton has been our favorite home away from home. Trader Vic’s was the primary reason. What is the location now? A Walgreens!? What a pity. Thank you for the memories, Trader Vic’s.

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