New Feature: Add Your Home Tiki Bar to Critiki

Some of the best tiki bars out there are tucked away in private homes. Critiki‘s aim is to be a record of all of the tiki locations around the world, and that record is incomplete without these wonderful private islands.

But getting them into Critiki has been a bottleneck: it takes me a bit longer to create a listing for a home tiki bar vs. a public establishment, and they aren’t places that just anyone can visit, so by necessity they’ve had to be a lower priority. That has never sat well with me, because I think home tiki bars are important and fascinating, and very much what I like to focus on with Critiki.

And so, rather than waste a minute thinking about whether I should bother to add the latest ordinary bar passing itself off as a tiki bar (zzzzzzzzz), I took some time to build a way for you to add your own home tiki bar to Critiki. I got rid of that bottleneck. Now it’s waaaay easier for you to tell me all about your home bar, which in turn makes it waaaay easier for me to add it to Critiki.

You can pretend you’re dropping your house on the Wicked Witch of the East, if you want.

I’ve built a special form that should be quick for you to fill out, and you even get to pin your house on the map, which is kinda fun. Then when you submit it for review, a bunch of automatic things happen to save me time. I go in for some final cleanup, then bing, bang, it’s done, and you’ll get an email with a link to your new listing. Then you add your pictures, pictures make everything better. Since it’s a brand new thing, I don’t know yet what the turnaround will be, maybe a day or so? A couple of Critiki members helped me take it for a spin yesterday by adding their home tiki bars (thank you AtomicLady and ErichTroudt!), and it all went pretty quickly.

Is your home bar a fit for Critiki? I’ve written a bit to help you figure that out before you submit.

In addition to being a cool way to show off what you’ve done in your home, having your home tiki bar in Critiki will inspire others to think about what they could be doing in their own home. Also: adding your home tiki bar means any other tikiphiles in your area will see your listing and know they aren’t alone. It’s a wonderful thing to learn you’re not alone, eh?

Get started—add your own home tiki bar to Critiki!


Thinking of building your own home tiki bar and looking for inspiration?

Take a look at the home tiki bars in Critiki

You can find them on the Critiki Map, they’re the ones with a house icon, and they’re listed in their own section on the left side. Scroll around, zoom out, explore to find more of them on the map. On my to-do list: build an easy way to just look at all the home tiki bars in Critiki (there are a lot of them!).

Further reading on Critiki News

Dig into the excellent Home Tiki Bar Builds Facebook group

The Home Tiki Bar Builds Facebook group is very active, and has an unusually good signal-to-noise ratio. There’s a lot of great eye candy and ideas to be had there.

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