First Look at Snowbird Tiki Bar in Montreal

Snowbird Tiki Bar in Montreal

Snowbird Tiki Bar got a mention in a Coming Soon preview a couple weeks ago, and last night it had its soft opening. The grand opening isn’t coming until May 1, and until then they’re serving only a limited version of their eventual menu, and some parts of the space are unfinished. Already, the word is very positive: it sounds like Montreal has a great tiki bar once again.

Montreal lost its grand dame of tiki in 2015 when the Jardin Tiki closed after thirty years in business. The Jardin Tiki had many pieces that were originally from the Kon-Tiki in Montreal, and some of those pieces, including tables and chairs, have made their way to Snowbird. Area tikiphiles are sure to be happy their tiki drought was relatively brief.

Without further ado, here is a first look at Snowbird Tiki Bar, thanks to photos from Critiki member John T. (John T. just added his home tiki bar to Critiki, The Mauna Loa Lounge. He’s also responsible for dozens of beautiful photos documenting Jardin Tiki.) You can see a gallery of 18 photos and learn more at the Critiki listing for Snowbird Tiki Bar.

Tables and chairs originally from the Kon-Tiki
Lamp over a booth
Massive off-menu drink made especially for John T.
Tiki from somewhere in Ontario
Hula girl on the door to the ladies’ room
The friendly crew at Snowbird Tiki Bar

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