The Love Shack, a New Polynesian Restaurant Coming to Milwaukee

A new “high-end Polynesian restaurant” is coming to Milwaukee in late May, reported by The Love Shack is a new venture by partners Michael Sorge, Wes Shaver, and Gary LaCourt. It will be located in the Point on the River building, in a space previously held by Wine Maniacs. It is very near the former location of Lucky Joe’s Tiki Room, which closed in late 2015.

The name was inspired by the song by The B-52s, and the owners hope to capture the energy of the song in the space. Shaver told, “It’s not going to be campy or kitschy. Envision that it’s 1968 and the Beach Boys are flying to Hawaii to play a show in a small, upscale club. This is that place.” There will be a large riverside patio, and the decor will be a mix of clean, modern design with “rustic” elements. A small selection of traditional tiki drinks will be offer alongside newer creations, and the food menu will offer high-end Polynesian-inspired fare.

According to Shaver, “The Love Shack doesn’t aspire to be just another tiki bar.” Milwaukee is also home to Foundation, one of the highest-rated tiki bars in the world, and I can understand their not wanting to try to compete directly with such an excellent execution. It will be interesting to see what they come up with for the space. The song is certainly a joyous riot; however “clean” and “modern” don’t really jibe with that vibe, so it’s entirely possible the space will be more compelling than it sounds.

The hope is for the restaurant to be open by late May 2017. I’ve created a listing for The Love Shack in Critiki.

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