TikiCat Is Now Open in Kansas City

TikiCat in Kansas City, MO

An exciting day: America’s heartland now has a for-really-reals tiki bar, and it’s good. There have been a smattering of tiki locations around the breadbasket states, but a little investigating and you’ll find that they haven’t exactly been inspiring destinations.

That’s all changed. Tonight, in Kansas City, Missouri, TikiCat is opening, and the reviews from previews are stellar. This tiki bar project has included the efforts of Bamboo Ben (and for the first time, his son Blake, fourth generation tiki!), Martin Cate, Dave Hansen, Ken Pleasant, Thor, and many more craftspeople. You can learn more at Critiki’s TikiCat listing. If you live locally, be sure to follow TikiCat so you’ll be notified when folks are planning a visit… I have a feeling you’ll be seeing a lot of tikiphiles in your town. And of course, please share what you think of TikiCat so folks will know what to expect on their visit!

Owner Mark Sellers has shared 20 images with Critiki, here are a selection of them. Come, let’s have a tour…

A hut with vintage furniture
Carved post panels by Dave Hansen at the bar
Replicas of Witco carvings that were poolside at Chicago’s Playboy Mansion, carved by Ken Pleasant, William Westenhaver’s grandson-in-law
A vintage Witco bar and stools
Tablecloth fabric designed by Dawn “Sophista-tiki” Frasier
Artwork by Thor, who also made a shrunken head in a case for the bar
TikiCat souvenir tiki mugs
Owner Mark Sellers
Bamboo Ben taking a break from his hard work

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