Tiki TNT Coming to Washington, D.C. This Fall

Today, Todd Thrasher revealed the logo for his new tiki bar, headed to Washington, D.C. this fall. Tiki TNT will be part of his new Potomac Distilling Company complex, itself part of The Wharf complex on the Southwest Waterfront. Thrasher kicked off Washington’s craft cocktail scene with his bar PX, and now owns several bars in the area. He will be distilling his own rums onsite, which are sure to make an appearance at Tiki TNT, along with other bars connected to the new distillery.

In an interview with the Washington Post a year ago about the project, Thrasher said, “I was worried about doing tiki. I don’t want to do cheesy tiki. I want to do kind of an updated version of tiki.” Ah yes, another I-can-improve-on-Kenny-G “tiki” proprietor. Temper your expectations accordingly.

(Bar owners: listen to yourself. If you’re talking about how you don’t want to do tiki… please consider the possibility that “tiki” isn’t the word for what you’re trying to do.)

I’ve created a listing for Tiki TNT in Critiki.

(Thank you to my anonymous source!)

2 thoughts on “Tiki TNT Coming to Washington, D.C. This Fall

  1. so, he doesn’t want to do Tiki…but he’s going to open up a “Tiki” Bar…planning a trip to DC from Baltimore once this place opens. Also going to hit archipelago and farmers fishers bakers, which isn’t a “tiki” bar, but they do have a full tiki cocktail menu. I’ll be reporting my findings.


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