How to Build a Volcano, Raspberry Pi Style

The first and last time most of us built a volcano, baking soda and vinegar were involved. This project is much cleaner, and much more impressive. Critiki member Mark Boszko, a.ka. bobtiki, has built an incredible volcano show for his home tiki bar in Seattle, Kilauea Cove. Lights, sound, and even smoke come together perfectly to bring drama to what could otherwise have been a perfectly ordinary basement nook.

I’m not going to lie to you: this project maybe isn’t for everybody. It’s using a Raspberry Pi, a nifty, teeny, inexpensive dedicated computer. Mark brings some pretty special talents, including a long career as a motion graphics artist. But Mark has generously shared every little step of his work, and his code, so even if you don’t have his experience, you can still duplicate his project in your own home.

Kilauea Cove, in a quiet moment before disaster strikes

But there is something for everybody here, and that’s inspiration. Mark also shared the work he did to decorate the space, including wrapping the walls with reed, building shelves, and trimming with bamboo and even creating his own carved wooden trim. Most importantly, he shares what he’d do differently next time!

Mark says that this is just the start, he has plans for more. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.

Watch the end result in the video above, and then dig into his detailed step-by-step build instructions on his Vixen Labs website.


3 thoughts on “How to Build a Volcano, Raspberry Pi Style

  1. Great effect, check out my volcano on Tiki Central, Big Kahunas Tiki Hideaway by Aloha Daddy. If I could install your technology in my volcano it would be epic!!! Let me know what you think.

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