Home Tiki Bars Are Everywhere!

Thirty-seven of you have used Critiki’s new Add Your Home Tiki Bar feature, launched just a few weeks ago. Home tiki bars have been added from three countries, 18 states—there were three new home tiki bars added to Seattle alone!

Critiki‘s main focus is of course locations that the general public can visit—tiki bars, restaurants, hotels, apartment buildings, stores. But home tiki bars, those secret personal paradises, can be some of the best spots around. They also fill in some otherwise blank spots in the map, showing how widespread the love for tiki really is, even if there aren’t public establishments… yet.

Want to add your own home tiki bar to Critiki? It’s fast and easy, you can submit yours here.

Time to do some armchair traveling, and explore all these home tiki bars. Click through to see each home tiki bar’s Critiki listing, where you can learn more about the owners and their amazing spaces. Are any of them near you?



Toad’s Grog Grotto in Vancouver, British Columbia



The Tiki Room in Waterloo, Ontario



Lime Lounge in Montreal, Quebec



The Mauna Loa Lounge in Montreal, Quebec


United Kingdom


Sacky & Geeble’s Hanalei Hideaway in Reigate, United Kingdom




Atomic Lagoon in Phoenix, Arizona



Harold’s Tiki Lounge in Scottsdale, Arizona


California – Northern


Pineapple Sal’s Dirty Tiki in Chico, California



Photo by Mitch Tobias

The Straw Hut in Hercules, California



Kimo’s Iki Tiki Ahi Hale in Morgan Hill, California



The Speakeasy Tiki in Pacifica, California


California – Southern


The Cocohut in Los Angeles, California



Tiki de los Muertos in Redlands, California



The Tiki Hut in Yucaipa, California




(No pictures yet!)

Tonga Room in Palm Bay, Florida



The Storm Shelter in Rockledge, Florida



The Hele Lau in Sebastian, Florida




(No pictures yet!)

Enchanted Treehouse High on the Hooch in Atlanta, Georgia



Mon-a’ Roa Lanai in Atlanta, Georgia




(No pictures yet!)

Haole Roller’s Tiki Room in Carbondale, Illinois



Aloha Lounge in Fox River Grove, Illinois




Cosmic Coconut in Northampton, Massachusetts




Tiki Zug’s Swag Room in Rochester, Michigan




The Flora Lounge in Kansas City, Missouri


New Jersey


The Bula Bula Bar in Nutley, New Jersey


New York


Ruth & Joe’s Tiki Bar in New York, New York



Yonkers Tiki Hut in Yonkers, New York




Barnacle Brian Tiki Bar in Beaverton, Oregon




Ho’i Hou Ke Aloha in Maryville, Tennessee




The Sneaki Tiki Lounge in Amarillo, Texas



Lisa’s Funky Flamingo Lounge in Conroe, Texas




The Fuzzy Smudge in Olalla, Washington



The Bungalow in Seattle, Washington



Kilauea Cove in Seattle, Washington



The Monkey Skull Voodoo Lounge in Seattle, Washington




Kapu Tiki Lounge & Garden in Brookline, Wisconsin



The Lagoon in Glendale, Wisconsin


6 thoughts on “Home Tiki Bars Are Everywhere!

  1. This is excellent, so many great spaces. I’m currently working on my own home bar and there’s lots of inspiration to be found in all these unique spots. Thanks for adding this feature.


  2. This is a great new feature Humu but at the moment it seems that the only way to look at all the bars is to scroll through the latest activity (unless i’m missing something).
    Will you be adding a section that they’ll all be contained in which you’ll then be able to access via the drop down box in the main menu? (I hope that makes sense and you know what i’m getting at, i’m not very computer savvy.)

    Liked by 1 person

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