New Feature: Beyond Bars and Restaurants

The vast majority of the over 1,000 locations in Critiki are Tiki bars and Polynesian restaurants… but not all of them. You know of course about home tiki bars, but did you know that Critiki also has stores, hotels, apartment buildings, bowling alleys, museums, and more?

Check out that popcorn-munching tiki by Tiki Diablo at Mission Tiki Drive-In! Photo by kenbo-jitsu

You’ll find them the same way you find any of the locations in Critiki: mixed in with all the other locations when you search for a name, or look at the tiki in a city. But now I’ve added a neat new way to browse just those special kinds of locations, with Beyond Bars & Restaurants.

These are special maps that only display one kind of tiki location at a time. There’s a map of all the tiki bowling alleys, another one of all the museums, and of course, by popular demand… a map of all of the home tiki bars in Critiki. There are 11 of these special maps.

You’ll find the Beyond Bars & Restaurants section in the menu in the upper left corner of Critiki. Have fun exploring!

(Longtime Critiki members will recall that the site used to have a Categories section. This is a hugely improved return of that!)

One thought on “New Feature: Beyond Bars and Restaurants

  1. This is great news, Humu!

    For those of us engrossed in the contemporary Tiki Revival, “Beyond Bars & Restaurants” will serve us as an additional gateway to discovery. Too, this will help us keep tabs on the broader pulse of 21st Century Polynesian Pop/Tiki Culture in a style that’s unique to Critiki.

    Love the direction your headed in updating the Critiki offerings. Is this effort indicative of a new “Golden Age” of Tiki Culture? I certainly hope so. Culturally, I haven’t been this excited about anything in years. We need more pointedly fun things things to engage in in the midst of our wickedly crazy lives. Cheers!

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