Special Live Event: Join Me at The Monkey Hut

I’m on my way to Portland, Oregon, and whether you’re local or not, come join me! I’ll be visiting the local tiki spots, but I’ll also be broadcasting live this coming Friday night, May 19. That night, we’re having a live video broadcast party at The Monkey Hut. I’ll give you a tour of this incredible home tiki bar, plus we’ll do a live Q&A with Craig Hermann, Heather Gregg, and myself. (Because The Monkey Hut is a private residence, the broadcast event isn’t open to the public for in-person attendance. Read on for my in-person Portland schedule!)

Heather and Craig are two of my oldest and dearest tiki friends. We became fast friends after meeting at the San Francisco Tiki Bar Crawl in March 2003. They kindly opened their home to me when I was passing through the Bay Area a few months later. Craig made Coconauts for us that night and shared his tips for handling coconut cream; that was the first time I got to geek out about tiki drinks with someone. Craig remains my go-to when I have questions about making tiki drinks. No one has more room in their heart for white grapefruit than Craig does.

They moved to Portland right when I moved to California later that year (we’re all still angry about that), and for years they were a driving force behind the annual Tiki Kon event. They have transformed their basement into an incredible home tiki bar, The Monkey Hut, where Craig whips up tiki drinks on the regular for the whole family. Bartending legend Jeffrey Morgenthaler has been heard to say it’s his favorite bar in Portland, which is frankly a pretty big deal.

The Monkey Hut in Portland, from the August/September 2016 issue of Hana Hou!, photo by Kamala Kingsley

So, there’s a lot to pick in these brains! You could ask questions about making tiki drinks at home, about rums and other ingredients, about creating a home tiki bar, about organizing local tiki events, about kids and tiki, plus Heather is a vintage fashion and thrifting maven, I didn’t even mention that part. Really they’re just wonderful people, they’re fun to talk to no matter what subject. You can ask me questions, too!

Here’s the link to the special live event, it starts at 8:30pm Pacific on Friday, May 19. You can go add your questions right now, or you can save them for during the event. This is being made possible by the kind folks at Civil, we’re helping them kick the tires on this new live broadcasting platform!

For those of you who live locally, I’ll be making the rounds to check out the local Portland tiki joints. I’m particularly eager to experience the new management at The Alibi, which is one of my very favorite tiki bars on the planet. I’ll probably be there for lunch on Thursday. Of course I’ll be paying a visit to Hale Pele! That’ll be Thursday night. I’m also going to check out the new No Bones Beach Club, I’m thinking lunch on Friday. And I’m even hoping to poke my head into The Tiki Putt out in Gresham on my way to Portland Wednesday afternoon. Join me in person at those stops, if you can! All of my Portland stops are listed as Upcoming Visits on Critiki. I’m around through the weekend, so more last-minute stops may happen, too.

See you in person in Portland, or at the special live event on Friday!

7 thoughts on “Special Live Event: Join Me at The Monkey Hut

  1. Enjoy the Tiki Putt! My highlight was walking through the rotating lava tube of death! And the volcano erupts approximately every 3o minutes.

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      1. ,,,Ask them to activate the volcano if you don’t have too much time….Gresham is due east of Portland; about 20 minutes from downtown to downtown. It’s in a non-descript shopping center on Burnside Road @ Eastman Parkway. Not sure which direction you’re coming from, but if on US 97 north from California to 26 (Mt. Hood Hwy); 26 becomes Burnside Road. And Burnside goes all the way into downtown Portland. All fun in Portland. PDX has awesome tiki culture!

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      2. Thanks! I’m coming over from Bend on 26—I’ve got family in Oregon, I’ve done the drive more times than I can count. It’s going to be a fun novelty to have a reason to stop in Gresham, though!


      3. Beautiful time of year for the drive! Tiki Putt will be on your right, immediately beyond the Black Bear Diner. Bear right off Burnside, then navigate throught the poorly designed parking lot. It’s tucked away in the corner. (Might be easier to just park at Black Bear Diner, then just walk over.)

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