New Tiki Bar Coming to the Longitude Spot in Oakland?

An intriguing development in Oakland… Is heard that another tiki bar was going to take over the Longitude space in Oakland, and here is the first literal sign that it’s true.

A notice of the application to transfer the liquor license has been posted. The applicant is Fatu Hiva Enterprise, LLC, and the business name is The Kon-Tiki. Auspicious! A lookup of the filing shows the people behind Fatu Hiva Enterprise are Christ Aivaliotis and Matthew Reagan. (November 2017 update: The Kon-Tiki is indeed the restaurant’s name, it is now open and listed in Critiki.)

Bay Area tikiphiles were crushed when Longitude closed in March. Folks are likely to be thrilled that BART-friendly East Bay tiki is not lost forever.

The photo of the application notice was posted to Instagram by OverAttired Vintage Fashion, the next door neighbor of the space. The one-two of tiki and vintage shopping is pretty great. Thanks to Kyle Graham for the tip, and special thanks to Heather Gregg for the license detective work!

3 thoughts on “New Tiki Bar Coming to the Longitude Spot in Oakland?

  1. This is great news! Christ is an old friend and one of the forces behind Holy Mountain in San Francisco. I got to know him years ago when he was part of the opening crew at Flora (downtown Oakland). Looking forward to seeing what they bring to the ex-Longtude space.


  2. I am glad to hear it, we were bummed when we were in our planning stage of our tiki crawl to find out it closed! Hope to see it open real soon!


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