False Idol in San Diego Temporarily Closed

Closed by the fire marshal, photo by tikiboss

The San Diego Fire Marshal has shut down False Idol—but fret not, this closure is only temporary. The False Idol crew is making some small tweaks for safety and hopes to reopen ASAP. It’s not known yet how long they will be closed, but following False Idol on Facebook is a good way to keep your eyes on the situation. Mahalo to Critiki member tikiboss for the heads-up!

(Update: it’s been a few weeks since False Idol announced on Facebook that they had closed, and though they have not updated their Facebook page yet to confirm they have reopened, multiple reports say they are open again with some minor changes.)

3 thoughts on “False Idol in San Diego Temporarily Closed

  1. How about they tweak whatever BS criteria is in place for getting in without a reservation? My husband and I came here a few months ago and were not able to get a reservation, so we waited in line for over an hour. Just as it was our turn to go, the hostess let some asshole in a Northface jacket and about four of his friends go ahead of us. He had NOT been waiting in line and when I asked why he was allowed to go in, she said she didn’t realize it. Whatever. EVERYBODY in line was infuriated. It’s not Studio 54, it’s a tiki bar. Needing a reservation for a tiki bar is such a stupid idea to begin with.


  2. According to various Yelp reviews it appears that False Idol has re-opened sans the freezer door. If any Critiki members can confirm this please do as False Idol has not updated their Facebook page.


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