Local Tiki Groups on Facebook

Roundup post! Pitch in and help!

I want to help you connect with tikiphiles. The Upcoming Visits feature on Critiki has been working great for that—I’ve been meeting wonderful people, and I’ve heard from many of you that your tiki travels have been greatly enhanced by meeting folks using Upcoming Visits. Cool! I love it when a plan comes together.

(Unfamiliar with Upcoming Visits? It’s simple: on Critiki, you can share that you’re planning a visit to a tiki bar, so the locals and anyone else in town at the same time can meet up with you. If you live near a tiki bar, you can ask to be notified any time someone shares an upcoming visit to that location. It’s super easy and effective.)

But I’m into casting a wide net! Naturally, Facebook is another great tool for connecting with tiki folks. Tell me about the tiki Facebook groups that have a regional focus, and I’ll add them to this handy reference list.

A request: don’t use this as a checklist of places to promote your event or stuff you’re trying to sell. No one likes that. Spam is for musubi.

Tiki Vancouver (Vancouver, B.C.)

Sacramento Ohana (Sacramento, California)

Marin Tiki Ohana (Marin County, California)

Santa Cruz Tiki Enthusiasts (Santa Cruz, California)

LA/OC Tiki (Los Angeles and Orange County, California)

SD Ohana (San Diego, California)

Tiki AZ (Arizona)

Denver Tiki Tribe (Denver, Colorado)

MN Tiki (Minnesota)

MOKANtiki (Missouri, Kansas, and other midwest states)

Tulsa Tiki Tribe (Tulsa, Oklahoma)

Texas Tikiphiles (Texas)

Tiki Michigan (Michigan)

Tiki Ohio (Ohio)

Pittiki (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

Philly Tiki (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Tiki Thirstday (greater Washington, D.C. area)

Gulf Coast Tiki Room (US states along the Gulf of Mexico: Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida)

Florida Tiki (Florida)

Tiki Ohana Jax (Jacksonville, Florida)

Brevard Tiki (central Florida coast)

Tiki Night in Canada (Canada)

I hope this helps you make new friendships and have more great tiki experiences! I know there has to be more of these locally-focused tiki groups out there—tell me about them, and I’ll add them to the list.


13 thoughts on “Local Tiki Groups on Facebook

    1. Great, I’ve added it to the list! I also was wondering about this as I was doing the first-pass list of these groups. I suspect that because the tiki scenes in SoCal (and SF, too) are so large, old, and well-established, no one has felt a need to create a group yet. For many folks, there’s a lot of overlap with their personal friend lists and the more general tiki groups (which tend to have a strong California focus). But that does not at all mean that there isn’t room for a local group!


      1. That was pretty much my assumption too. Since the communities have been around for a bit, I figure there are a few “private” groups as well, but there’s no reason to not have a more public group too, even if it turns out to just be for upcoming events and general local info.

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