Critiki Live from The Monkey Hut

Last month, Civil hosted a live Critiki Q&A event at The Monkey Hut, the home tiki bar of my dear friends Craig Hermann & Heather Gregg. If you were bummed to miss it, you’re in luck—Civil has shared the questions and answers on YouTube. If you’d like to watch all 19 videos, here’s a handy playlist, or you can watch them individually below. Topics include making tiki drinks, home bar decorating, throwing parties, music, fashion, and more. As I mentioned when announcing this event, Craig is my go-to for my thorniest tiki drink-making questions.

Mahalo nui loa to Civil for making this possible, to everyone who submitted questions, and especially to Craig & Heather for opening their home, hearts and brains to Critiki!


Q: What is your favorite tiki drink, and who makes it best?


Q: What’s an example of a nontraditional tiki decor item that works well in your space?


Q: What advice can you give to someone trying to create a tiki bar in their house?


Q: What’s a good beginner tiki drink?


Q: How many rums do you have in the bar?


Q: I LOVE the pageantry that comes with tiki drinks, however, sometimes I’d rather not drink alcohol. Do you have any favorite virgin drinks I could order next time I’m craving a glass on fire without the buzz?


Q: What’s your favorite Mai Tai recipe? Which rum(s)?


Q: When did you begin this amazing collection?


Q: Did you make your own drink menus for guests?


Q: What have you learned the hard way about tiki party prep?


Q: Do you make your own syrups? How hard are they to make?


Q: What’s your combined aloha shirt count?


Q: What’s a recent (or modern) tiki element you like?


Q: Any thoughts on Portland spots to hunt for tiki decor or mugs?


Q: Do you have a “guest book” of some sort? And/or souvenirs?


Q: How important is music to the tiki experience? What are your favorite tiki/exotica records?


Q: What was the unlikeliest place you discovered a good tiki spot?


Q: Have you ever been to the Enchanted Tiki Room?


Q: How many tiki drinks would be good for an awesome night?

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