New Tiki Bar Coming to Tacoma: Devil’s Reef

Jason Alexander at Tacoma Cabana, photo by MrLzrd

Jason Alexander and Robyn Murphy, the fine folks behind the beloved and lauded Tacoma Cabana, have an exciting new project underway. Devil’s Reef is expected to open in Fall 2017, just a few blocks from Tacoma Cabana. Often referred to as “the best tiki bar in Seattle” (despite being in Tacoma, about 45 minutes south of Seattle), Tacoma Cabana has racked up awards since it opened almost five years ago, particularly on the strength of Jason’s amazing tiki drinks. Tacoma Cabana is staying, and will continue to be a “whimsical island retreat,” while Devil’s Reef will let the couple “dive into deeper and darker waters,” combining the couple’s affection for Polynesian Pop and H.P. Lovecraft. Jason says:

Everything we’ve learned in the past 5+ years at the Cabana, we wanted to take and put it into a newer, smaller, more focused spot. It’s been on my mind for at least two years now as an idea that I’ve wanted to do. We just needed to wait to be in the right place at the right time. It’s a very inspiring space and fits in perfectly with our vision. It definitely will be a lot more cozy and inviting with some hidden gems and passage ways.

Back story cliff notes: A sunken city surrounded by a reef that wrecks ships seeking out the city, residents of the city collect the washed up flotsam and jetsam to add to their nautical bar, where rhum is consumed and the fish gods and the sea are worshipped.

Ooh, I love a bar with a good back story. Devil’s Reef is a smaller space than Tacoma Cabana, but it will have a larger bar, letting Jason have more interaction with guests and also letting the guests get a better look at the 300+ bottles of rum on offer. The focus will continue to be Jason’s excellent tiki and tropical drinks, as that’s Jason’s driving passion. Some small plates of food will be available; Robyn is developing a very different food menu than at Tacoma Cabana.

Tiki drink in a Cthulhu mug at Tacoma Cabana, photo by MrLzrd

The couple’s knack for great hospitality, paired with their unrelenting passion for tropical cocktails, are sure to make Devil’s Reef a hit. I’m particularly looking forward to seeing what they do with decorating the space. A smaller, more concentrated space could well mean a lot more oomph in their theming, and doubling down on the passion (Tiki + Lovecraft) is bound to bring out some infectious enthusiasm. I’m very excited about this project. Jason and Robyn are high-quality folks, it’s going to be so fun to see what they do at Devil’s Reef.

I’ve created a Critiki listing for Devil’s Reef, stay tuned as we learn more!


6 thoughts on “New Tiki Bar Coming to Tacoma: Devil’s Reef

  1. With all of Lovecraft’s references to the South Pacific, I’ve always felt this was a natural combination. I’m glad someone else had the same vision and the wherewithal to see it through! My only gripe… I wish it were in Massachusetts. After all, that’s where Innsmouth and the eponymous reef were…

    Best of luck to these folks!

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  2. This is very exciting news! The Tacoma Cabana is so fantastic that it is often very busy, and there are very limited bar seats. A cozier venue, with darker theming sounds delightful! Looking forward to what Jason and Robyn create! I’m also super tickled that my photos were appropriate to this article.

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  3. I have been a patron of “The Cabana” since it opened. Jason and Robin along with the rest off the staff are the best! I can’t wait till I sit at the Reef!

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  4. Thrilled to see this moving forward! I love Tacoma Cabana; all the best to Jason and Robyn. Always down for Lovecraft and Tiki cross over (as you’d imagine), and if you haven’t seen the “BOOM” when Jason bartends you are missing something special.
    Pretty thrilled that Jason regularly uses Horror In Clay mugs (like the Cthulhu mug in Jason Craig’s awesome picture!). Can’t WAIT for Devil’s Reef to open!

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