Music Video Filmed at Chicago’s Hala Kahiki

The Orwells have just released a music video for their song “Vacation” filmed at Hala Kahiki in River Grove, just outside of Chicago. Hala Kahiki was built in 1966 by Stanley and Rose Sacharski when they decided they wanted to get out of the funeral home business. It is one of my personal favorite classic tiki bars, a bizarre rabbit warren of a place, like if the old lady from the Winchester Mystery House had built a tiki bar. It’s full of incredible Witco pieces (sadly none shown in the video, Elvis would be disappointed). Even though the music video doesn’t take advantage of the wild scenic variety of Hala Kahiki, it still captures the beautiful, dim, encrusted space. And I like the song!

Mahalo to Jenny Martens, who posted this to the I Love Tiki! group on Facebook!


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