Pau Hana Lounge, Seattle’s New Tiki Bar on a Boat

Seattle’s modern tiki offerings have tended to be on the oddball side—but this newest venture looks to be oddball in fun ways. On the Hiyu is a new events space coming to Seattle later this year, with a tiki bar, Pau Hana Lounge. The Hiyu is a 165-foot retired ferry, docked on the east side of Lake Union. One of the ferry’s two passenger compartments is being themed in a Polynesian Pop style, by Aleks Petrovitch (former owner of the tikified Aqua Surf Shop in San Francisco). Featured are tiki carvings and decor by Tiki Bosko, a longtime friend of Aleks’s. Part of the ceiling is covered in Fijian tapa cloth, and the walls are lined with bamboo and matting. Check out that gorgeous linoleum floor! Pau Hana Lounge isn’t likely to be a dark bar during the daytime—multiple windows overlook the lovely Lake Union view—but at night those windows will provide some gorgeous atmosphere.

The Hiyu’s other passenger compartment will house another bar spotlighting Seattle’s maritime history, and the boat’s large decks will have gathering places, performance spaces, and a food truck with rotating chefs. On the Hiyu will host special arts events (think music, cabarets, performances) and will also be available as a rental space for corporate events, weddings and the like. On the Hiyu’s Artistic Director, David Crellin, tells me they are hoping to open in Fall 2017. They’d love to hear what tiki drinks you think they should serve!

Stay tuned for more details about Pau Hana Lounge and On the Hiyu! I’ve created a “coming soon” listing for Pau Hana Lounge on Critiki.

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