The Tin Man needs oil!

It’s Time to Oil Critiki’s Joints!

oooooil can! *squeak!* oooooil can!

Aloha, dear friends!

Many of you have wondered why Critiki hasn’t been updated as much in recent months. I’ll skip to the ending you want to know: updates are coming this week. I’m ready now to start tackling my hefty backlog.

So here’s what happened: as it is for you, Tiki is my great escape. And Critiki is my most favorite escape playground. I’ve been running this site for fifteen years now, and I only love it more each year. But also, I am a grown up, with grown up concerns, and most importantly, a family. My family comes first, and my family has needed me. I could have continued with the Critiki updates while handling things needing my attention in my personal life, but Critiki is one great big dessert to me. I didn’t want to risk using it as an unhealthy escape. It pained me to do it, but I made Critiki hands-off so I could ensure that my attention was fully on the really hard stuff that needed tackling.

The hard stuff is still happening (don’t worry, we’ll all be okay—if we’re old in-person friends I’ll catch you up over a drink the next time I see you), but I feel like the risk of Critiki being an unhealthy distraction has now passed, and we can start to find a normal balance again.

There are plenty of new tiki spots that have opened, or are about to (three in San Francisco alone, it’s crazy), a huge number of exciting home tiki bars folks have submitted (please accept my apologies, I know exactly how exciting it feels when you’re sharing your home tiki bar, and it must have been frustrating to not see yours appear right away), and a massive backlog of photos (I’ve been trying to tackle them through all of this, but that’s only happened in little spurts, it’s time to get ’em all approved). Expect to see all of that happen over the next few weeks.

(But I’m still not going to be adding plain bars that happen to serve tiki drinks, because they are a dime a dozen and aren’t inspiring enough to oh, say, dedicate fifteen years to running a website about them. Life is far too short for me to bother with them.)

Also on the horizon: I’m giving a talk at this year’s Tiki Oasis in San Diego! It’s happening Saturday, August 11 at 10am, and it’s called Tiki Morning Coming Down. You’ll likely be nursing a hangover, so the idea is that we’ll all be taking it easy together, with a relaxing hour spent looking lazily at some of the most incredible bits of classic Polynesian Pop imagery, straight from the 10,000+ strong archive of images in Critiki, shared by Critiki members like you. Roll in wearing your tiki pajamas and dark glasses, carrying your coffee (spiked with some hair of the dog, I won’t judge), and I promise I won’t make you think or follow a plot or do anything. Just sit back, ooh and ahh, and start your tiki day right. Get your tickets now (Deluxe & Cocktail Tiki Oasis wristband holders, you’re already set, it’s included), and learn more at the Tiki Oasis website!

Anyway, I’ve missed you. Let’s get back to tiki-work!


16 thoughts on “It’s Time to Oil Critiki’s Joints!

  1. Welcome back! Where your ears burning? There’s been a little chatter recently over on Tiki Central about finding tiki places in a “post-Critiki” world (which I’m very happy to hear doesn’t exist yet).

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    1. “Post-Critiki world?” Well now that’s a very silly overreaction. 😄 I hope everyone can sleep a little more soundly tonight, knowing the path to their next favorite tiki bar is still lit. 😂


      1. It is great news….it is an amazing resource! Thanks for all your work, and you definitely deserve some time away….every once in a while 😉 Looking forward to your Tiki Oasis symposium.

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  2. Many blessings for all your endless work maintaining this absolutely exquisite website! Best wishes and biggest smiles for conquering whatever difficulties life has thrown your way.
    I am very excited for whatever knowledge you have to share at Tiki Oasis! Huzzah!!

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  3. I feel guilty having been one of selfish folks who thought nothing of your personal life and your reasoning for a hiatus, being none of my business, and asking you outright what happened and where all my tiki news had gone. All I can say is I am so appreciative of your work and the fact that you were conscious enough to take the time you needed to take care of your family and yourself. Thank you again and forgive my selfishness. Happy to have you back and wishing you health and happiness.

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  4. Thanks Humu. Come visit us in New York – we’ve got some new-ish tiki bars for you to try out: Polynesian, Mother of Pearl, Dromedary, etc.

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  5. HumuHumu –

    Skipper sully here, I was your A/V geek at Tiki Oasis (I wa snot allowed to have a hang over – sorry) Glad to hear your getting back into the web site. You looked great and your presentation was wonderful at Tiki Oasis. Kind of sad it was not recorded in a professional manner – I think many would have loved to have seen it who could not attend.

    Any how – It was great to meet you in San Diego – You go girl!!!

    Skipper Sully

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  6. This was posted a year ago. I saw zombie village San Fran which opened last October ish isn’t on this site. Are new bars able to be posted or is the site still archived and dormant?


    1. Fair question! Major life change occurred, and I’ve had to throw brakes on most everything in my life to care full-time for a loved one. But Critiki is EXTRAORDINARILY important to me. It will come back to life, but I need this new reality of mine to find its shape before I can find out how to carve the time needed. Just made a big positive change in the care routine, so I’m hopeful that I’ll now be able to find the bandwidth.

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  7. Hopefully things are getting better for you and your family is attaining some sense of normalcy in your life. I also hope that, even though I’m sure it’s sometimes annoying, all the people that have nagged you about wanting Critiki to spring back to life has shown you how much everyone appreciates the work you put into the site. You’ve got something special in Critiki, and whenever you find the wind back in your sails, we’ll all be here to jump right back on board with you, for whatever that’s worth. Mahalo!

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  8. I finally joined Critiki after lurking for years because Martin Cate and friends have miraculously started an amazing tiki bar in my backyard here in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Max’s South Seas Hideaway. It is phenomenal, a definite destination site, and I want people to know about it so it stays here forever! I hope it will be added soon.


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