Mai Kai Hurricane Wilma Damage Update

An update on the condition of the Mai Kai, courtesy of Tiki Kiliki, after speaking with Pia Dahlquist, the Mai Kai’s Director of Sales and Marketing: The Mai Kai is completely intact on the inside. Yes, the outside sustained a good bit of damage but the debris along the front of the Mai Kai is now cleared away and they are working on the roof as we speak. The phones are still unoperational and the power has not yet been restored. As soon as the power and phones are up so is the Mai Kai. Mai Kai in bad shape … Continue reading Mai Kai Hurricane Wilma Damage Update

Mai Kai Damaged by Hurricane Wilma

The historic Mai Kai in Ft. Lauderdale, site of the recent Hukilau event, suffered damage from Hurricane Wilma. Wilma hit the area the harder than any storm in 50+ years. Early reports are that the damage is mostly to the exterior, including the plank bridge at the entrance, but the interior seems to be alright, with only some minor flooding behind the stage. It’s too early yet to know what repairs will be needed. Mai Kai in bad shape following Wilma [Tiki Central] Mai Kai [Critiki] Continue reading Mai Kai Damaged by Hurricane Wilma

My Travels: Hukilau

Just got back from a fantastic time at Tiki Kiliki’s Hukilau in Ft. Lauderdale. In what is becoming a Hukilau tradition, I lost my camera on Thursday, before the festivities had even begun. Hanford was able to take a few photos with his camera, hopefully we’ll be able to get those uploaded soon. Sadly, I became rather sick during my trip, with either a nasty cold or a mild flu, I’m not sure which. I’m sure it didn’t help at all that I refused to let the rare opportunity to consume delicious Mai Kai cocktails slip me by. The event … Continue reading My Travels: Hukilau